Financial Information and Transcripts

Fees and Expenses

Students attending Holmes Bible pay only a portion (approximately 19%) of the total costs of their education.  Gifts from alumni, friends, and foundations meet the significant difference between tuition fees and actual costs.

Estimate of Expenses for an International Student (Click link)

Estimate of Expenses for an International Student  (updated May, 2021)

Financial Policy

Recognizing the necessity for prompt payment of all college fees, not only as a sound business principle, but also for the sake of character development, Holmes Bible College has established the following policy concerning finances.

Holmes Bible College, in order to assure the future and improve the present educational programs and institutions, expects each student to reimburse for the full amount of his/her obligation on or before the close of each semester.  No final examinations may be taken until a satisfactory arrangement has been made with the Business Office.  No degrees or transfer of credit shall be provided until satisfactory payment has been made with the college.  All former students with an outstanding balance must make a minimum payment of $50 each month until the balance is paid in full.

Fee Schedule (Click on link below)

Tuition and Fees (updated May 18, 2021)

Method of Payment

The most economical method of payment is cash in advance.  This method avoids service charges for the student and office expenses for the college.  Students may also pay by credit card.  When taking six (6) hours or less, students must pay the full amount at registration.


Paid-in-full discount: Students taking nine (9) or more credit hours are eligible, upon request, for a three percent (3%) discount on tuition fees if paid in full by the end of official registration.  All previous accounts must already be paid in full.

Additional discounts on tuition are available, upon request, as outlined here:

Family discount:   10% on second and succeeding members of the same nuclear family attending Holmes simultaneously

Spouse discount:  50% on evening class only for spouses of full time students

Ordination discount: Ordained ministers receive a 15% discount

Family members of Holmes Employees:           50%

Note: Only one discount may be applied at any one time.

Installment Plan

Tuition and semester general fees are due in full at time of registration.  However, installment payments are possible upon request and carry a $25 service charge.  Those making payments may pay 25 percent plus the service charge at time of registration and 25% monthly thereafter.  All fees must be paid in full before final exams.

Adjustment of Accounts

Students leaving for any reason before the end of the semester must get a withdrawal form from the registrar’s office and obtain all signatures indicated on the form.  (See Tuition Fee Refund Policy.)  Students leaving with an outstanding balance must make satisfactory arrangements with the business office.  Any outstanding balance will be subject to a yearly service charge.


Tuition Fee Refund Policy (based upon full payment of fees):

100% refund on the final day of registration

80% refund at the end of the first week

60% refund at the end of the second week

40% refund at the end of the third week

No refunds will be given after the end of the third week.

Special refund policy for Summer Session – May Term:

A 100% refund will be granted before the first day of the session.  A 50% refund will be granted at any time during the first week.  After the first week, no refund will be provided.

On-Campus Meals

A college café provides breakfast, lunch, and dinner for students who reside on campus. Meals are available at a nominal cost to non-resident students.

Auditing Fee

This fee is charged for those courses without academic credit.  Permission to audit a course must be determined at the time of registration or within the time allowable for changes.  During the course of a full time student’s work at Holmes Bible College, he or she may take up to six (6) hours of audit course work without charge.  Applied music (piano or voice), computer instruction, or other individualized course work are not included in this provision.  Audit work shall not be changed to work for academic credit.

Student Insurance

Holmes Bible College does not provide any medical care other than emergency assistance.  Students are referred to local clinics or doctors at the students’ expense.  It is strongly recommended that each student arrange (parent, spouse, guardian, etc.) for insurance before coming to Holmes.


Thousands of dollars are awarded every year to students at Holmes Bible College.  Every student is, in fact, a recipient of the “Rev. N.J. Holmes Ministry Scholarship.”  This scholarship, which helps tremendously to keep the tuition costs very attractive and modest, is the result of monetary gifts from Holmes alumni and friends.  Their gifts are definitely an extraordinary statement of commitment to one of the core values of the college that is making the highest quality Christian education available to students from across the nation and around the world regardless of their financial circumstances.  Holmes Bible College truly believes that God is faithful and practices this belief in its financial policies.  He will meet every need.

Work Study Program

To facilitate student financial aid, Holmes offers a work-study program in which students perform ten (10) hours of service each week.  In return for their services, participating Holmes students receive a discount on their tuition fee.  In order to retain work-study positions, students must perform their work in a timely and conscientious manner.  If work is not performed satisfactorily, credit will not be given and students will be responsible for any balance remaining on their tuition fee.

Instructions for Requesting a Transcript

Federal Law requires that we have your signature in order to release your transcript. No exceptions will be made. You may mail your request to:

Holmes Bible College
4901 Old Buncombe Rd
Greenville, SC 29617

Please note that official transcript requests will not be processed if you have a financial or academic hold on your account.

Please include the following information on your written request:

  • Full name during attendance
  • (please make certain maiden names are included if applicable)
  • Social Security number
  • Dates of attendance
  • Number of copies required
  • Address of mailing the transcript(s). You must supply the address in order to insure accuracy.

The signature of the person whose transcript is being requested. All official transcripts are $5.00. We accept cash, money orders made payable to Holmes Bible College, or credit card payments. Payment must be included with your request or it will not be processed. Student copies of transcripts are free. Student copies are not official and will not bear the seal or official signature of the college. Student copies must also be requested in writing.