BEAM Program Fall 2024

The College has completed a make over for the BEAM (Biblical Education for Adults in Ministry) Program. For a full description of the revised BEAM plan, see page 34 in the current Academic Catalog. Below are the basics.

There will be a new degree offered – a Bachelor of Theology – B.Th.. This will be a religious studies degree aimed at second vocation students or older students that desire to work in the church only. It will be only for BEAM students. Ninety credit hours will be required.

The classes will be taught in several formats: DVD, in house classes (campus or other locations), ZOOM class, or YouTube channel.

The modules of choice will be Pastoral Ministries, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Christian Education, Church Growth and Planting, Biblical Studies I and Biblical Studies II. In order to earn the degree, one must complete five of the six modules.

The cost will be $100 per credit hour or $300 per course. See page 34 in the Academic Catalog for more information.

Here is the link to the Academic Catalog. Academic Catalog 2023-2024