R. D. Waters Prayer Garden

We praise the Lord for the progress of the Prayer Garden. All the concrete is poured. We need to build the 20 feet diameter gazebo, install benches and signs, add topsoil, and plant grass and flowers. I would be thrilled to have all this done by Dedication on February 26th. Today, December 7, we have raised $36,975.15. We have spent $24,386.19. We need $20,000.00 to finish up. This includes the 20’ gazebo, benches, signs, topsoil, grass, and flowers. We will only move forward as we raise the funds.

Each of the six prayer stations are $1,000.00 each. We need 4 more. We have pledges for Africa and South America. We need North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Other items that could be tagged as memorials are the Gazebo, Prayer Altar in the Gazebo, shrubbery, and Walking Path. Those interested should call President Thompson at 405-397-7111.

The Lord is at work with this project. We will get there. I am already walking the walkways and praying. Praise Him!

May the Lord give each of you a blessed Christmas. Be safe and stay well.