R. D. Waters Prayer Garden

We are making great progress on the Waters Prayer Garden. Our prayer garden is being built for an emphasis on prayer for World Missions. It will honor the parents of former president, Dr. Richard M. Waters. Dr. Waters and his siblings raised the initial funds for this garden. We hope to dedicate it at Founder’s Week 2021.
To date we have spent $24,365.20. This includes concrete that is being poured as I write these remarks. Here is what we need to finish:
·        Four more prayer stations at a cost of $4,000. (We have funds and donors for the other two). Each prayer station represents a continent. Two continents are given – Africa and South America. The four needed are: Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia.
·        A map of the world to be painted by Joe McKinney ($1,000 is needed for supplies, lighting, and special altar).
·        A 20 feet gazebo – $20,000
·        Several loads of topsoil – approximately $2,000
·        Various plants, etc. – $3,000
Grand Total – $30,000.00
This will be a beautiful addition to our campus. It will also be an aid in emphasizing world Missions. The prayer stations can be given in honor of an individual. Our plans are to dedicate the Prayer Garden and the Flagpole Complex at Founder’s Week 2021.