Flagpoles and Bricks

The project is complete except for the flowers. Four flags fly in the wind – USA, State, Christian, and Holmes Flag. They are beautiful at day and at night. They can be seen day or night from a distance away.

Below the flags 515 memorial engraved bricks form a memorial garden. Added to these bricks is a brick from the Altamont Hotel, Paris Mountain, and the old campus at 115 Briggs Avenue. The Altamont Hotel was the site of the first college in 1898.

Surrounding these bricks will be walled flower beds and metal benches. The flowers will be added later in September once the summer heat has subsided.

The poles and bricks will be dedicated at the Founder’s Week in the spring. Originally the dedication was to be in October. COVID had other plans.

We are so thrilled to have this beautiful addition as a part of the campus. We honor our country and rejoice in our heritage.